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How Simulations Can Be Used For Project Risk Management

2018- 09- 28 | in simulations, Tidal, CFD

With an astonishing rise in computational capacity, computer simulations are used in virtually every aspect of engineering and help greatly with the prediction of many different types of risks. In[…]

Major Marine Problems Tackled by Computer Simulations

2016- 06- 23 | in Blog, Marine, Seaport, Tidal

Major Marine Problems Tackled by Computer Fluid Simulations

Innovation in future design or operation of marine equipment is the key to development and success in the marine industry. With the[…]

Why CFD Makes Sense For Environmental Flow Modelling

2016- 01- 12 | in Blog, CFD, Tidal
There are many reasons that CFD makes sense for environmental flow modelling. It helps to analyze large geographic regions, provides virtual representations of real flow, provides excellent[…]

10x Speed Up: Tidal Channels with Unsteady Flow Case Study

2016- 01- 7 | in Blog, Tidal, Turbulent Flow

As a developer, you want to know as much as possible about a site before putting devices in the water. However, the unsteady turbulent flow in tidal channels is difficult to measure accurately for[…]