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Overcoming Dark Clouds In Cloud Computing

2018- 10- 15 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

More and more businesses are embracing cloud computing for their CFD simulations.

Our destination as engineers is clear. Our destination is finding solutions to problems, and our journey is the[…]

High Performance Computing (HPC): The Tree and the Fruit

2018- 10- 15 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

The Networking and Information Technology Research Development (NITRD) program, which is the primary federally funded work on advanced Information Technology (IT) and Networking in the USA, held a[…]

HPC Trends: Why CFD Must Be Proactive Not Reactive

2018- 10- 15 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

From the introduction of x86 clusters in the late 1990s to the decade-dominance of vector processing, industry trends and adaptations in high performance (HPC) trends are reflective of[…]

HVAC Analysis Of An Operating Room

2018- 10- 11 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Currently, between 5 and 10 per cent of patients admitted to acute care hospitals acquire one or more infections, and the risks have been on an increasing trend during the past three decades.[…]

Contaminate Control in the Clean Room with CFD Simulation

2018- 10- 11 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Clean rooms represent a specialist area of HVAC design where the goal is often to quickly remove as much contamination as possible. Using CFD, engineers can quickly achieve this along with a[…]

CFD Tidal Study: 30M Cell LES on a Desktop Computer

2018- 10- 11 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Eastern Canada's Fundy Tidal Region (FTR) is one of the world's best and most energetic areas for tidal energy development. However, this highly variable ocean environment presents a number of[…]

Using CFD For Agritech HVAC Challenges

2018- 10- 5 | in CFD, simulations, HPC, agriculture

Environmental and economic sustainability is a key goal for the global agricultural sector, and is a major objective in agricultural research. In this article, we explore the use of computational[…]

Musk's Future Of Farming & The Role Of Simulation

2018- 10- 5 | in CFD, simulations, farming

The way we grow our food is changing. With challenges including climate change, land restrictions, and an increasing population, urban farming is fast becoming a global phenomenon and is common in[…]

CFD, Sustainability & The Built Environment

2018- 10- 2 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

From hotels to schools, and stadiums to concert halls, modern buildings must meet ever increasing safety, energy efficiency, aesthetic and environmental standards. In order to satisfy the[…]

The ROI Of Concurrent Design With CFD

2018- 09- 28 | in CFD, simulations, HPC, concurrent design

A business review carried out by The Aberdeen Group, found that the most effective strategy for manufacturers was to improve productivity and operational execution. This article summarizes the[…]