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RANS v LES For The Prediction Of Pollutant Dispersion

2018- 10- 2 | in CFD, LES, Rans, #URANS

A recent paper by Salim et al. assessed the performance of three different numerical techniques – Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS), Unsteady Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (URANS) and Large[…]

Structured vs Unstructured Mesh

2018- 10- 2 | in CFD, meshing

Mesh generation is one of the most critical aspects of solving problems through computational fluid dynamics (CFD). As highlighted in a Pointwise article back in 2013, one could be forgiven for[…]

CFD Challenges Facing The Aerospace Engineer

2018- 10- 2 | in CFD, aerospace

An article by The Aeronautical Journal examines the increasingly crucial role played by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the analysis, design, certification, and support of aerospace[…]

The ROI Of Concurrent Design With CFD

2018- 09- 28 | in CFD, simulations, HPC, concurrent design

A business review carried out by The Aberdeen Group, found that the most effective strategy for manufacturers was to improve productivity and operational execution. This article summarizes the[…]

How Simulations Can Be Used For Project Risk Management

2018- 09- 28 | in simulations, Tidal, CFD

With an astonishing rise in computational capacity, computer simulations are used in virtually every aspect of engineering and help greatly with the prediction of many different types of risks. In[…]

CFD Consulting Services: Are They Worth It?

2018- 09- 28 | in CFD, Consulting, cfd cloud computing

Outsource CFD simulation or bring it in-house? As the use of computational fluid dynamics increases across a number of industry sectors, many businesses face this question. In this article, we[…]

Cloud Simulation for Engineering Consulting Growth

2018- 09- 28 | in CFD, simulations, HPC, cloud

Cloud simulation has strong potential to change the way engineering consultants do business, providing a platform from which they can not only increase efficiency and output, but also improve the[…]

The Positive Impact Of CFD Cloud Computing

2018- 09- 25 | in CFD, cfd cloud computing

As indicated in another blog post, there are many benefits to using CFD cloud computing to overcome business constraints. This article focuses on how CFD cloud computing addresses many common[…]

Making The Case For Using A Cloud Hosted CFD Solver

2018- 09- 25 | in CFD, cfdsolver

EXN/Aero is a whole new kind of CFD solver. In this article, we lay out some of the key arguments sure to convince any engineer to embrace our on-demand, cloud-hosted CFD solver, ultimately saving[…]

CFD Software Price & Budget Allocation

2018- 09- 25 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Traditionally, most IT departments and engineering consultants wanted to own the CFD technology they used. However, CFD software price tags often restricted its accessibility. Today, business[…]