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Recent Posts

Air Conditioning Design With CFD Simulation

2018- 10- 4 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM, air conditioning

More and more HVAC designers and consultants are using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the design of air conditioning systems to understand airflow and temperature distribution, and to[…]

Early CFD Analysis For The Design Of Sustainable Buildings

2018- 10- 2 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

Many of the decisions made in the early stages of a building's design have a significant impact on the energy efficiency at a much lower cost. Although many buildings have energy efficiency[…]

Building Energy Efficiency: A View From Industry

2018- 10- 2 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM, energy efficiency

Buildings account for a total of about a third of total energy usage worldwide and also contribute to about 30% of energy-related carbon emissions. But are companies aware of the realities of[…]

Sustainable Building Design Through CFD & BIM Integration

2018- 08- 30 | in HVAC, Engineering, BIM, architecture

Recent years have seen an increase in the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, a trend that has changed the working methods of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)[…]

The 2018 BIM & CFD Survey

2018- 07- 18 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

Envenio has launched a survey to find out more about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the role for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in building design. Respondents to the survey will be[…]

Building Safety: CFD Simulation For Fire Risk Management

2018- 07- 9 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

The deadly blaze at the 27-story Grenfell Tower in west London is one of at least a dozen fatal fires that have occurred worldwide since 2000. Despite the horrific scenes of Grenfell, UK[…]

In The Press: Digital Engineering Highlights EXN/Aero Google Migration

2018- 06- 19 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

The migration of EXN/Aero to the Google Cloud Platform is making waves across the engineering community. In fact, Digital Engineering's editor-at-large Tony Lockwood, chose the story as his[…]

WEBINAR: Using HVAC Simulations to Improve Energy Efficiency

It is widely accepted that buildings have a large impact on energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In the UK alone, it is estimated that the energy consumption share of buildings, is about 46% of[…]

CFD In The Cloud: EXN/Aero Migrates To Google Cloud Platform

2018- 05- 11 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

We're delighted to announce that our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, EXN/Aero, is now being hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. We highlight what this means for those looking to[…]

Here's Why You Should Use CFD In Your Next Building Project

2018- 05- 2 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

There's a real misconception that exists around the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that it is purely reserved for use in large aerospace or automotive projects, adopted by only the[…]