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International Clients Embrace On-Demand HPC Cloud CFD Solver - EXN/Aero

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Envenio has enjoyed a number of sign ups with clients from the United States, Italy, Brazil, India, and Korea, all signing up to the cloud-based, on-demand CFD online solver – EXN/Aero.

Embraer, Friedman ResearchEurisco Consulting, and Satish Bonthu have all signed up to EXN/Aero, which makes advanced, cloud-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software accessible and affordable to engineering consultants and engineering teams for use within a number of industries. 

Traditional methods of speeding up CFD simulation processes relied heavily on hardware investment, and Envenio’s EXN/Aero reflects a modern trend to increase capability without this costly and impractical investment.

“We are delighted to welcome our new EXN/Aero users to the Envenio family” says Scott Walton, Envenio VP. 

“Passionate about HPC and CFD analysis, we share and support the core values of each and every user. We are committed to providing accessible, affordable software that enables them to perform simulations to their optimum level, and equip them with the tools they require to provide the highest quality engineering service to their clients” he adds.

Embraer (Brazil)

Embraer S.A. is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft and provides aeronautical services. With over 19,000 employees and nearly 50 years of operations, it is a world-class aerospace company that prides itself on cutting-edge engineering. 

Friedman Research Corporation (United States) 

Friedman Research Corporation (FRC), has signed up to the EXN/Aero cloud solver, to assist with its day-to-day activities as an independent research and development corporation. The company, which has offices in Austin, TX, and Santa Barbara, CA, is committed to innovation in impact design and evaluation, and has signed up to the software as it continues to provide a huge portfolio of services to its clients.

Eurisco Consulting (Italy)

Innovative startup, Eurisco Consulting, is a multidisciplinary high-level engineering consultancy firm specializes in the maritime and naval sectors, and the software is expected to enhance their consultancy offering to clients.

Satish Bonthu (India/Korea)

As a mechanical engineer with over ten years’ experience in CFD modeling and CFD consulting and over 5 years as an engineer for CD-Adapco, Satish has enlisted the EXN/Aero software to support his own engineering consultancy offering, for aeroacoustics, vibroacoustics, electronic cooling, electro-chemistry applications, electromagnetic applications, particle flows, and multiphase flows.

About EXN/Aero

EXN/Aero is a CFD software tool that uses computing hardware more efficiently than other CFD products. The end result is strong speed ups (up to 20x) which enables engineers to run faster simulations, larger or higher resolution simulations, and to reduce their cost of simulations. It is available for install on a local workstation or cluster, or via the cloud as an on-demand solution (where the user only pays by the hour and does not need an annual license). You can try EXN/Aero for yourself by clicking here.

2017-05-18 | Categories: CFD, cloud

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