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EXN/AERO's Latest Features

2018- 03- 1 | in CFD

This article reviews the latest updates and available features for our on-demand, CFD simulation software EXN/Aero. In addition, we've also added to our engineering service portfolio with an[…]

CFD - Bridging The Gap Between Architecture & Engineering

2018- 02- 9 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can play an integral role in all areas of building design providing accurate and time-efficient predictions of building performance relating to air flow,[…]

Contaminate Control in the Cleanroom with CFD Simulation

2018- 01- 22 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Cleanrooms represent a specialist area of HVAC design where the goal is often to quickly remove as much contamination as possible. Using CFD, engineers can quickly achieve this along with a number[…]

Discover The Benefits Of CFD: The Discovery Project

2018- 01- 18 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

The newly-launched Envenio Discovery Project is another way of making CFD design and engineering more accessible and affordable. The Discovery Project goes a step further than the Onboarding[…]

Judo Champion. Patent Holder. CFD Engineer. Meet Bill Alston.

2017- 12- 15 | in CFD Diaries

Meet Bill Alston. Innovator. Creator. Engineer. Sports fan. Oh, and a former Judo Champion.

With 97 patents both issued and pending in a dozen different fields, it’s pretty clear Bill knows a[…]

Using CFD Simulations to Increase Yields in the Cannabis Industry

2017- 12- 14 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

A well-designed facility with contamination levels is essential for successful cannabis growth in a controlled environment. The critical decisions made during the design process of a cannabis[…]

EXN/Aero CFD Webinar: Transient Simulation Series Part II

2017- 12- 1 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

You are invited to join us for part II of our transient simulation webinar series on Tuesday, December 19th at 12pm ET. The series is aimed at those engineers considering a move to transient[…]

11 Easy Arguments To Convince Your CFD Colleagues To Use EXN/Aero

2017- 11- 27 | in CFD

EXN/Aero is a whole new kind of CFD solution. In this article, we lay out some of the key arguments sure to convince any engineer to embrace our on-demand, cloud-hosted simulation software,[…]

Reacting to CFD Opportunities: A Time, Cost & Revenue Comparison

2017- 11- 16 | in CFD

More engineers are using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation than ever before, and with good reason. The data provided by simulation not only helps engineers to improve product[…]

EXN/Aero CFD Webinar: Setting Up A Proper Transient Simulation

2017- 11- 10 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Envenio hosted a webinar around the topic of setting up a proper transient simulation on Thursday, November 23rd. The webinar was aimed at those engineers considering a move to transient[…]