Aerospace Validation Case


Envenio routinely runs cases to validate the performance and accuracy of its engineering models and equations. One of our engineers ran a CFD simulation using our EXN/AERO solver using 3 CPUs and 1 GPU. 


The comparison of pressure coefficient profiles with the experimental profiles reveals that our model matches closely with the experiments and captures most of the flow characteristics except at the shocks where the model simulation results are smoother. Specific metrics are listed in the ‘results’ section.

** Important note:

Today, a member of my staff notified me that previous version of our ONERA validation case contained sections copied from ONERA's website. This absolutely wasn't intentional and I made sure to remove those sections in Version 1.3 of the validation case.  Apologies for the mixup, and enjoy the (new) read!         --Ian McLeod, CEO