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Get up and running quickly with EXN/Aero through the Onboarding Program. Our engineers will train and support you through your first simulation setup, ensuring you get the most out of the platform, whether new to CFD or using the platform for the first time.  

Hands-On Training: We know how busy you are, so we'll devise a training and support program around you to get you up and running in no time. 

Achieve Project Outcomes: We'll help you to mesh, set up, simulate, and post-process to achieve and evaluate the best results of an active project, so you'll still be able to exceed expectations of clients and stakeholders.

Affordable: The Onboarding Program costs just $2,500 for 30 days including 20 hours of training with a member of our team.


Get Started Today:

Your Questions Answered...

"Who is likely to benefit most from the Onboarding Program?"

The Onboarding Program is perfect for those new to CFD simulation software or those supplementing or migrating their existing solutions with the EXN/Aero platform. The program is popular among those engineers using mainly steady-state simulation and looking to start using unsteady techniques including URANS, LES and DES. Whatever your experience, we can help.

"I don't have access to a huge budget. Are there any hidden charges?"

No. The Onboarding Program costs just $2,500 for 30 days, including 20 hours of training. 

"How is each program devised?"

Each program will be catered specifically to meet the individual needs of the user and will include any or all of the following:

  • Meshing: Generating a mesh and naming boundary conditions and any particular parameters.
  • Simulation Setup: Setting up inlets and outlets, turbulence settings, setting up monitor points, and solver settings.
  • Simulating: Initializing the run, monitoring progress, and reviewing residuals.
  • Post-Processing: Analyzing the data, visualizing the simulation with cut planes, streamlines, and animations.
  • General Support: File transfers, automated scripts, geometry refinement, connecting via VNC.