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We're Hiring: Be Part Of The Envenio Team

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We're delighted to announce two exciting job opportunities as part of our continuing expansion plans. We seek driven, passionate individuals to apply for the roles of Sales Executive and Sales Engineer, based either in Montreal or Boston.

Bold and bright candidates are invited to join our thriving, rapidly-expanding company that remains passionate about changing the face of the CFD industry, with our EXN/Aero software.

With two-thirds of companies predicting that they will require a 10x increase in modelling performance over the next five years, a proactive approach is required. By being proactive, these companies are embracing and investing in true HPC-enabled software, enabling them to limit and reduce the amount of hardware required. We've built our EXN/Aero software package to deliver economical supercomputing to CFD teams of all sizes, allowing businesses to be confident in their ability to increase performance, but also to reduce hardware investment. We are currently promoting the adoption of simulation across a number of industries - notably, HVAC, indoor farming and the built environment.

Envenio now seeks exceptional individuals to help drive the product forward, and take EXN/Aero into the future. Applicants should be agile, creative, resilient, curious, persistent, and sociable!

The Roles


Based in either Montreal or Boston, the Sales Engineer plays a critical role helping showcase our innovative product to prospective and existing customers. The engineer will help nurture prospects through the sales pipeline. This is an exciting opportunity for an energetic team player with a drive for achievement who is looking to grow their sales engineering career.


  • Conduct technical demos with prospects
  • Help prospects with technical questions about the software
  • Perform CFD analysis on customer projects (we will train you how to do this)
  • Communicate issues and problems with engineering staff
  • Record priorities of customers in terms of required or desired features
  • Debrief with customers following their product trials
  • Work with existing customers to expand their accounts
  • Sales metrics and quality metrics reporting
  • Maintain strong customer relationships
  • Coordinate closely with our VP Business Development and Sales Development Representative

Salary: $70,000 Annually inc. Medical & Dental Benefits.

Learn More & Apply For This Role (Boston) Learn More & Apply For This Role (Montreal)


We are also hiring a Sales Executive (based in either Montreal or Boston). The sales executive plays a critical role in company growth. You will build the sales pipeline by identifying and creating strategic sales opportunities, and you will nurture these opportunities through to conversion. This is an exciting opportunity for an energetic hustler who wants to be part of the growth of an industry changing product with a disruptive business model. We get involved in a wide range of interesting simulation applications including missile aerodynamics, submarines hydrodynamics, cannabis cultivation, vape device design, luxury yacht hull optimizations, operating room designs, and much more. The learning is non stop, and the engineering team is always more than happy to educate you on each application. 

Here’s what a rockstar in this role will accomplish:

  • Convert at least two prospects to paying customers each month
  • Identify 10 sales opportunities each month
  • Obtain and organize referrals

Salary: $70,000 Base (plus commission) inc. Medical & Dental Benefits.

   Learn More & Apply For This Role (Boston) Learn More & Apply For This Role (Montreal)

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2018-05-16 | Categories: CFD, simulations, HPC

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