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Discover The Benefits Of CFD: The Discovery Project

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The newly-launched Envenio Discovery Project is another way of making CFD design and engineering more accessible and affordable. The Discovery Project goes a step further than the Onboarding Program, with Envenio engineers running the project on behalf of the client. This is particularly useful for those who wish to experience the benefits of CFD in their organization, yet do not have the experience, resource, or budget to acquire the most accurate and reliable results. With all projects costing less than $10,000, the initiative is expected to prove popular throughout 2018.

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A Flexible Solution using High Performance Software

The Discovery Project offers businesses a unique and affordable opportunity to access high performance, cloud-hosted CFD software, and benefit from the expertise of an experienced engineering team who will execute the project on their behalf. EXN/Aero has the power to increase simulation times by up to 20x without sacrificing accuracy, and the high-performance GPU-optimized simulation platform also enables an engineer to use more simulations to improve designs, run unsteady turbulence models for added value, and to load multiple parallel runs on a single compute resource. EXN/Aero is already widely used by a number of industries including HVAC, aerospace, marine, automotive, and even sport.

There are a number of ways in which a business could benefit from using the Discovery Project, including:

  • Enables a business to 'dip their toe' in the world of CFD, ideal for those who are yet to use simulation and may be skeptical about the benefits it could provide.
  • Allows a business to access CFD on an ad-hoc basis, ideal for those companies who only require CFD intermittently and where investing in CFD licenses would not be feasible. The business can outsource to Envenio when required, and deliver reliable solutions fast and within budget. 
  • Ideal for businesses who may be experiencing a high workload yet do not wish to invest in more full time staff or resources, enabling them to still meet deadlines. 
  • Perfect for those seeking a second opinion or further examination by experienced CFD engineers outside of their organization.

Identifying Primary Limitations & Opportunity for Growth

During the first stage of the Discovery Project, Envenio engineers work with the client to understand the primary limitations experienced within the business. The type of limitation will vary according to business type. In a medicinal cannabis growing facility, this could be uneven crop drying or inconsistent production, and in an aircraft hangar, it could be unacceptable levels of pollution. These operational limitations may affect the health and safety of employees and consumers, or have a direct impact on business profits. In some cases, the limitations could be within the design process of a product or involve issues with practical product testing and prototyping. Reaching a practical and cost-effective solution to designated primary limitations is likely to have a tangible effect on the day-to-day running and profitability of the business. The Envenio team will identify the opportunity for growth based on such primary limitations, highlighting where CFD simulation could be implemented to offer a solution.

Value-Added CFD

Traditionally, costly license fees have restricted the widespread use of CFD in some areas. In truth, CFD platforms have never been truly geared towards small firm use or freelance engineering consultants. Modern platforms such as EXN/Aero have gone some way in transforming this rigid model, offering cloud-hosted, pay-as-you-go solutions that can be accessed 'on-demand'. A recent article provided a time, cost, and revenue comparison of both approaches.

Infographic: Cost Comparison.jpgFig.1 A time, cost and revenue comparison of traditional CFD responses vs EXN/Aero

As with EXN/Aero, the Discovery Project itself has been created to provide a cost-effective solution for those companies who cannot afford or justify large investment in CFD resources. The majority of projects can meet tight time constraints and cost less than $10,000 - a fraction of the cost previously required to benefit from such simulation resource and experience.

CFD Knowledge, Experience & Training

Many businesses have refrained from using CFD simulation based on a lack of knowledge or experience within the company. However, with the Discovery Project, such experience and training is not required. The Envenio engineers will work with the company to highlight the necessary information, and run the project on behalf of the client, returning a set of results on which to implement business actions. This provides an opportunity to access the high performance EXN/Aero CFD software along with experienced engineers, for a fraction of the cost that would be required to hire or train in-house engineers. 

At the end of the Discovery Project, the Envenio team will take time to ensure the results of the project are fully understood, enabling a business to best implement actions based on a project's significant outcomes.

Envenio can also train staff to perform simulations of their own. This can prove extremely useful in cases where a company could benefit from continued productivity improvements.

Try it for yourself...

        Whether for HVAC CFD analysis or aircraft CFD analysis, our general purpose, cost-effective CFD software reduces simulation times by up to 20x, and the platform includes a meshing tool, the solver, and a post-processing tool, as well as plenty of storage for your files. If you'd like us to conduct a simulation for you and demonstrate how our computational fluid dynamics software can impact your operations or designs, try our Discovery Project program today. 

Find Out More About The Discovery Project


2018-01-18 | Categories: CFD, simulations, HPC

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