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The Positive Impact Of CFD Cloud Computing

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As indicated in another blog post, there are many benefits to using CFD cloud computing to overcome business constraints. This article focuses on how CFD cloud computing addresses many common engineering constraints when it comes to keeping up with business competition, growth, and cash-flow.

Why Use CFD Cloud Computing?

With the rise in popularity of consultant directory sites like Upwork, Outsourcely, Freelancer, and Guru, providing a unique and competitive service offering is increasingly critical. Many CFD consultants do this by offering services in niche simulation areas, but often that is not enough. It is straight-forward to become more competitive simply by changing the scale at which you operate, however doing this in the CFD world can be quite costly with traditional commercial tools and traditional compute resources. 

To overcome these issues, engineers adopt CFD cloud computing to:

  • Upsell existing clients on larger or more complex models
  • Offer a higher through-put of simulations to prospective clients
  • Offer shorter turn-around times on simulations
  • Upsell existing customers on high resolution models (DES/LES)
  • Supplement their existing CFD workflow using the on-demand tool for additional or more challenging runs
  • Include CFD services in marketing materials, then activating it if they secure the contract
  • Bid lower on projects

An recent example of this is an engineering firm providing a standard coarse simulation as part of a bid on a major service contract. EXN/Aero enabled them to run an LES simulations on the fly, which gave the prospective client a much greater understanding of their problem. This helped them secure the contract. Read more about CFD software price tags, and how the cloud has helped companies budget more effectively.

The cloud has come a long way. The diagram below shows the History of the Cloud.

The History Of The Cloud

Image Credit: Salesforce

If you need a little help getting started with CFD cloud computing, Envenio's Onboarding Program could well be for you. Our engineers help you find your way around the software, and help to set up your first simulation. Find out more below:

Explore Onboarding

CFD Cloud Computing For Business Growth 

Growing an engineering consulting practice can be costly and risky. Bidding on larger projects without having the compute resources in place can cause issues for service delivery if the client has timely expectations. Alternatively, if a client's needs increase suddenly, it can be difficult to get the simulation resources in place quickly to turn that work around. 

Faced with these issues, engineers adopt CFD cloud computing in order to:

  • Bid on larger simulation projects outside their compute resource capacity
  • Upsell their existing clients on more challenging simulations
  • Provision compute resources on the fly to scale with customer demands
  • Test out simulations on new applications 
  • Propose the use of simulations on jobs where it was normally cost prohibitive

One of our users has client work that fluctuates often. He subscribed to our on-demand solver ($250/mo) and when client needs sharply jumped he would provision compute resources on the fly. He could start-up many simulations simultaneously to help him handle the heavy workload. 

For those businesses looking to outsource CFD cloud computing, the Envenio Discovery Project is a great option. The experienced engineers at Envenio look after the simulation project for you, working to agreed aims and objectives and returning the results and simulations to you. Discover more by clicking the link below:

Discover The Benefits Of Simulation

CFD Cloud Computing For Better Cash Flow

Cash is king in any business, but cash flow is definitely queen. Investing $30,000-$60,000 in software licenses and additional cash for CFD cloud computing resources can be the difference between an engineer's ability to offer CFD services or not. Open source software is a good option, but it lacks urgent technical support and isn't a high performance solution. Operating on more than 4 CPUs can become very expensive, with some vendors charging upwards of $1,000 per additional core. Many of the commercial solvers who offer "on-demand" solutions still require an annual license subscription. 

To get beyond these limitations, our users:

  • Use the on-demand model to protect their cash flow (paying for usage only every 30 days with no annual license)
  • Increase their simulation throughput without purchasing additional license seats
  • Avoid the maintenance fees and overhead expenses associated with managing a cluster

One of our customers wanted his team of engineers to offer CFD alongside their FEA services. The on-demand tool enabled her to package that as an offering as part of their regular services without setting up additional compute infrastructure or purchasing licenses. As soon as she signed her first CFD contract, her team was able to launch right into the simulations without waiting for compute hardware. 

EXN/Aero: CFD Simulation In The Cloud

Combining a powerful CFD solver with the ability to access it on the cloud and the ability to pay only for what you use enables you to compete, grow, and better manage your cash-flow.

The EXN/Aero CFD Solver is innovative in the way that it reduces simulation times by 10-20x (cost normalized) which enables engineers to run larger, higher resolution, and more complex simulations for a lot less cost. The second way it is innovative is how you can access the solver on-demand via our cloud host, and only pay for the time you use (on top of a nominal monthly subscription fee).  Find out more by scheduling a free demo below, and don't forget to check out our Essential Guide to CFD Simulations.

CFD Simulation in the Cloud


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