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WEBINAR: How Does CFD Complement BIM?

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According to a Connecting Teams study, 88% of respondents said building information modelling (BIM) enabled better analytical insight during the design phase, while 70% believe it can save costs over a buildings life cycle. Despite this, 72% believe their clients do not fully understand the benefits provided by BIM. This is a challenge shared by those in the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) world. In this webinar, we highlight the key advantages of integrated BIM and CFD, and discuss their role in sustainable building practices.

Useful For: Architects, building designers, engineering consultants, and HVAC professionals.

Webinar Overview: CFD plays a key role in analyzing high-performance HVAC systems - a critical component in understanding how the air flows and the surrounding environment affects occupant comfort, while still balancing energy savings. BIM-compatible computational fluid dynamics has the potential to make simulation even "smarter" by taking advantage of the information already contained within the digital model of the building.

BIM-compatible computational fluid dynamics (CFD) brings major value to the AEC industry, particularly when it comes to complex HVAC requirements including:

  • Creating optimal thermal comfort for occupants
  • Reducing capital equipment needed to manage airflow
  • Factoring in outside heat for passive heating scenarios
  • Evaluating building wind loading
  • Understanding acoustic pathways and noise sources
  • Increasing health & safety compliance
  • Managing contamination risk in sensitive areas such as clean-rooms
  • Improving output of crops in indoor agricultural settings

Read more about how CFD is playing a key role in the built environment, or click the button below to find out more about CFD simulations in the built environment. 

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2018-04-23 | Categories: HVAC, Engineering, architecture, BIM, building, construction

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