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Recent Posts

The 2018 BIM & CFD Survey

2018- 07- 18 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

Envenio has launched a survey to find out more about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the role for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in building design. Respondents to the survey will be[…]

EXN/Aero Features Update

2018- 07- 12 | in CFD

This article reviews the latest updates and available features for our on-demand, CFD simulation software EXN/Aero, including multicomponent, evaporation and porous media conjugate heat transfer[…]

Building Safety: CFD Simulation For Fire Risk Management

2018- 07- 9 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

The deadly blaze at the 27-story Grenfell Tower in west London is one of at least a dozen fatal fires that have occurred worldwide since 2000. Despite the horrific scenes of Grenfell, UK[…]

Energy Efficiency & Savings: A View From The Building Industry

2018- 06- 29 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

Buildings account for a total of about a third of total energy usage worldwide. They also contribute to about 30% of energy-related carbon emissions. The GBPN is on a mission to reduce greenhouse[…]

In The Press: Digital Engineering Highlights EXN/Aero Google Migration

2018- 06- 19 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

The migration of EXN/Aero to the Google Cloud Platform is making waves across the engineering community. In fact, Digital Engineering's editor-at-large Tony Lockwood, chose the story as his[…]

Early CFD Analysis For Improved Energy Efficiency In Buildings

2018- 06- 6 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

Many of the decisions made in the early stages of a building's design have a significant impact on the energy efficiency at a much lower cost. Although many buildings have energy efficiency[…]

Building Design: Air Conditioning System Design & Simulation

2018- 06- 5 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

More and more HVAC designers and consultants are using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the design of air conditioning systems to understand airflow and temperature distribution, and to[…]

WEBINAR: Using HVAC Simulations to Improve Energy Efficiency

It is widely accepted that buildings have a large impact on energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In the UK alone, it is estimated that the energy consumption share of buildings, is about 46% of[…]

We're Hiring: Be Part Of The Envenio Team

2018- 05- 16 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

We're delighted to announce two exciting job opportunities as part of our continuing expansion plans. We seek driven, passionate individuals to apply for the roles of Sales Executive and Sales[…]

CFD In The Cloud: EXN/Aero Migrates To Google Cloud Platform

2018- 05- 11 | in HVAC, architecture, BIM

We're delighted to announce that our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, EXN/Aero, is now being hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. We highlight what this means for those looking to[…]